NFL Week 8 Predictions

Viking Stefon Diggs' famous catch in 2017's NFC divisional round over Saints free safety Marcus Williams, leading to the game winning touchdown.


Viking Stefon Diggs' famous catch in 2017's NFC divisional round over Saints free safety Marcus Williams, leading to the game winning touchdown.

Jacob Myers, Sports Writer

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (Neutral Site)

Sunday morning we’re all getting another treat, being able to wake up to some football in London. If it were last year, this would be one of the biggest games of the season. But, it’s 2018, and both of these teams are

in major slumps. The defending champ Eagles are lead by last year’s standout player Carson Wentz at QB, but for this game he’s listed as questionable, a concern for any Eagles fan. Jay Ajayi is already down for the season, and sitting at 3-4, the Eagles need a spark win. The team they’re playing, the Jaguars, need a big win too. Also sitting at 3-4, the Jaguars are riding a 3-game losing streak with notably a very severe lack of offensive mojo. In those three losses, the Jags have lost by a combined 62 points. For being one of the most talent-stacked teams in the entire league on defense, the Jags have done nothing but disappoint so far this year, which can be easily seen with a 40-7 loss to the Cowboys in week six. The loser drops to 3-5, and that may seal the season with both teams in strong conferences this year.

Final: 27-14 Eagles. The Jaguars will continue their offensive struggles, Carson Wentz (if he plays) will hit his stride, and the Eagles will pull away early, with the Jags trailing the whole game.


Green Bay Packers at Los Angeles Rams


At 4:25, this is the game to watch. The always unpredictable Packers square off against the hottest team in the whole league, the undefeated Rams. The Packers are always a sleeper in any game they are in, and can strike at any given moment due to one bad, bad man: Aaron Rodgers. He’s a former MVP and every year comes into the season up there as one of the favorites. His comeback against the Bears in week one is one of the best of his career, and you shouldn’t expect anything less. But, there’s not much else to say about the Rams other than that they’re perfect (as of now). With the most stacked defense in the league, comparable to a giant brick wall, they’ve dismantled nearly all drives from other teams. With Aaron Donald, Ndamukong Suh, and so many more on defense, it is obvious to take them in any game. And that’s not even talking about the offense. Jared Goff has blossomed into a great player, and all of his receivers are white-hot as well. And don’t even mention Todd Gurley. He is the best running back in the league right now and shows no signs of slowing down. The Rams score the third most points per game and allow the fourth least in the NFL. Not taking them is crazy.


Final: 38-17 Rams. The Packers won’t do anything against the Rams defense, and the Rams offense will dismantle the already beaten up secondary of the Packers defense. Rams to 8-0.


New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings

For primetime on Sunday night, I have to ask a question, Drew Brees is 39? From the way he’s playing I’d think he’s 28 pushing 29 right in his prime. He is one of the few quarterbacks (along with a couple back ups) in the NFL that haven’t thrown an interception. Michael Thomas is in his prime and you could throw a ball twenty feet over his head and somehow he would find a way to catch it. There’s not much else to say about the Saints. They can put up 45 points but at the same time can let up 45 points. Being 3-0 on the road doesn’t hurt their case, though, and they’re riding a 5-game win streak. And one final amazing stat, the Saints lead the NFL in 4th quarter and overtime points this year. Drew Brees is the definition of clutch, so don’t count him out. Kirk Cousins left the Redskins to lead the Vikings this year, and has brought them pretty good success. Their running game has been pretty stagnant, in the bottom three in the league, but their successes through the air have helped dramatically, ranking eighth in the league. The Vikings have sustained a 4-2-1 record to this point, but noticeably without a very hard schedule. Their hardest game came against the Rams and took them to the end, but ended up falling 38-31. Adam Thielen has had 100+ receiving yards in every game this year, and it is impossible to imagine anything different in primetime. This should be a fun, high-scoring game.

Final: 35-27 Saints, backed by multiple touchdowns and no picks from Brees. Thielen will have another 100 yards, but as team the Vikings will fall short in the 4th.


New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

There’s not much to say about this game. The Patriots are the Patriots: they’ll look dominant against anyone they play against. And the Bills are the Bills: they will play horrible and probably lose. After week one, I thought there would be no way the Bills would win two or more games, and here we are. With two impressive wins against the Vikings (by 21 [!!!!]) and the Titans, the Bills have put together a couple of decent games, but the Patriots are on a different level. Tom Brady is the best player of this generation and is still the biggest name in the NFL. I don’t see the Patriots winning by any less than 17. With the QB battle of Nathan Peterman/Josh Allen versus Tom Brady, I would say anyone who has watched the NFL this year and lives outside of New York would pick New England a majority of the time. The spread is the Patriots at -13.5, and that even is pretty low with a matchup of this differential of talent.

Final: 40-13 Patriots. Tom Brady will destroy a defense whose corner quit halfway through a game, and whoever the Bills decide to play at quarterback will probably throw twice (or 3x) as many picks more than touchdowns (The Bills have thrown three touchdowns and twelve picks this year).