NFL Week 7 Predictions

Matt Ryan (Left) and Eli Manning (Right) chat after a game in 2012.


Matt Ryan (Left) and Eli Manning (Right) chat after a game in 2012.

Jacob Myers, Sports Writer

Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals

Thursday Night Football provides a matchup of two teams whose seasons have not gone as planned, featuring the Arizona Cardinals and the Denver Broncos. Fresh off of a close loss at home against the undefeated Los Angeles Rams, the Broncos sit at 2-4 in third place in the AFC West, only in front of the Raiders. Veteran quarterback Case Keenum looks to add to his 322 passing yards in week six with even more. The Broncos as whole would love to improve their running game, only totalling 60 yards all of last week. The Cardinals, on the other hand, only have a single win against the 49ers in week five, accompanied by five losses. Featuring rookie quarterback Josh Rosen from UCLA, the Cardinals are trying to get their offense going this week with their first win at home. With one of the most physically dominant running backs in the league (David Johnson), the Cardinals should try to run over the defensive-specialized Broncos, who are favored by two and a half points.

Final: 17-15 Broncos off of 2 late touchdowns by Case Keenum. The Cardinals will drive down the field many times but the sturdy Broncos defense will hold them to three points multiple times.


Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars

The contest between the Jaguars and the Texans should provide a good show. The Jaguars are coming off a blowout loss against the Cowboys, and are looking for a hard rebound against the Texans. Going into week six, the Jaguars had the number one defense in the country, yet they seemed exposed by Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. It will be interesting to see how Deshaun Watson, with his elite receiving core of Will Fuller and DeAndre Hopkins does against the dominant Jaguar defense. The more interesting story of the game will be Jamaal Charles’ reemergence into the league with the Jags. The Jaguars look to improve to 4-3 against the Texans and capture the top spot in the division.

Final: 31- 17 Jaguars, the defense will come up huge with many crucial stops against a stagnant offense, and Blake Bortles will find a way to throw everywhere except to Tyrann Mathieu.


Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs

Primetime football this week puts two division leaders up against each other coming off of two close losses. The Bengals, spearheaded by quarterback Andy Dalton and lots of young talent, including AJ Green, Sam Hubbard, and Joe Mixon, are looking for a quick rebound after a last-minute loss at home to the rival Steelers. The Bengals were up late in the game until Ben Roethlisberger hit Antonio Brown on a slant for the win. The Chiefs on the other hand were undefeated going into week six, but suffered a 43-40 defeat to the reigning AFC champion Patriots. The Chiefs (5-1) have all the talent they need to get a dominant win purely off of their offense, featuring young superstars Patrick Mahomes (QB), Tyreek Hill (WR), and Kareem Hunt (RB). The Chiefs all around seem dominant at every position, but the Bengals have seemed to overcome any challenge they’ve been handed so far this season. They have surpassed expectations already, and currently sit atop the division with an impressive 4-2 record so far. The game will ultimately come to which defense can put up more of a wall around the other. This game should be a high scorer.

Final: 27-21 Chiefs, with Patrick Mahomes chucking three deep bombs for touchdowns. Dalton will do his all to try to compete, by the Chiefs offense will always come back with something to demoralize the Bengals.


New York Giants at Atlanta Falcons

Monday night provides the same storyline as Thursday, with two lackluster teams facing off on a big stage looking for a momentous win. The Giants were looking for a much better season than last year, but as of right now it seems to be going even worse. The Giants only totalled three wins all of last season, and through a third of the year are on that same pace with one win. With some of the best players in the league in Odell Beckham (WR) and Saquon Barkley (RB), most predicted the Giants to at least compete in their division, but right now it is not the case. The Falcons (even though it is hard to believe) two years ago had at max a 25-point Super Bowl lead. Now they sit at 2-4. That can be contributed to the amount of injuries (to players like Matt Bryant [K], Devonta Freeman [RB] and rookie sensation Calvin Ridley [RB]), as well as a lack of defensive efficiency. At the bottom of both of their respective divisions, both teams should view this as a must-win to have any momentum into the back half of the season.

Final: 17-14 Falcons, both teams will struggle to get much going on offense, Eli will be regular, mediocre Eli, and Saquon will run all over the Falcons’ defense. But in the end, the Falcons will be able to have more chunk plays setting up scores than the Giants, giving the Falcons the win.