Daily obsession: Ziploc bags

Davis MacKenzie, Staff Writer

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This time on Daily Obsessions we are talking about the thing that makes this wonderful world what it is: the ever wonderful Ziploc bags! This nifty little invention saves us from getting PO’d when we get to lunch and our food is all weird and messed up because they weren’t separated in their own nice little bag. I’ve always heard people say, “I wish I was a turkey sandwich in a ziploc bag,” and I know I have always thought the same thing. One of the coolest things is that these bad boys are FDA approved! They are also good for the environment, and if that doesn’t make you happy, then you’re just plain stupid! But I’m gonna tell you something: I know y’all are losing your minds about Ziploc bags already – but I’m not done yet! There’s this special type of Ziploc; they’re basically the kings of Ziploc bags.  Enter: “Sliders.” Oh yeah! These things don’t mess around. Instead of taking ten years to close the bag, with these wickedly awesome Ziploc sliders, nothing will ruin your food! So go out and do what humans were meant to do since 2015: buy some Ziploc bags and put them to good use by keeping the meats on your sandwich fresh.

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