Daily Obsessions: Bridges


Petr Svarc

Futuristic Artificial Island in River Mur (Murinsel) Designed by Vito Acconci, Graz, Styria (Austria)

Jacob Myers and Davis MacKenzie

Do you know what Columbus needs? A lot of things actually, but let’s think realistically. We need a freaking sweet bridge. A bridge that crosses some obligatory river, and is so weird and different that people from other states come to Columbus to see our bridge. It may sound like a ludicrous idea but think about other famous bridges and how they contribute to cities. Golden Gate Bridge? San Francisco. Name one thing more prominent than the Golden Gate Bridge there. London? London Bridge. Forget Big Ben, Parliament, guys with cool hats and trolley carts – we’re not about that lame, boring life. Bridges are the pinnacle of our existence. If bridges weren’t there, we wouldn’t have won World War Two, according to fully real statistics. Columbus is an absolute banger of a city, but you know, it could be even better if we had a briiiidge. Take the “Island in the Mur” for example. The bridge where allegedly Arnold Schwarzenegger got his muscles. It’s this little circle with two bridges coming out of both sides that help cross a river in Austria. C’mon, what’s cool about Austria? It has a city that has a very explicit (yet hilarious) name and it lost both World Wars, but honestly, name something cool from there. You know what they have? They have an explicitly dope bridge. So, we’re going to start a petition for Columbus to get a new bridge, and people from all over the World are going to come and pay $150+ for it. America.