The Patriot Tribune: Emily Beem

The Patriot Tribune: Emily Beem

Emily Beem

Until recently, I thought my biggest accomplishment and the thing I would write all my college essays about would be how being a captain of a sports team has made me so strong. Turns out, that is not even near the top of my list now.

I’ve been co-captain of our high school gymnastics team here at Liberty since my sophomore year. Of course I’ve learned over the years how to be a better captain. However, I was learning the basic stuff – do anything the coach asks of you, make sure the team is working together, be positive, and much more. Turns out, there is a lot more to being a good captain. I learned this a couple of months ago.

When my good friend tragically and unexpectedly passed away, I was unsure how I’d  even try to get through it. I didn’t know who I would even turn to anymore for help – my go-to friend for everything was gone! My fears and doubts quickly faded when the season started. When I would get sad at a practice because of a hard day, each and every person on the team came and lifted me up. That was when it clicked for me – I was supposed to be a captain of this team, yet here are all of my teammates lifting me up when I needed it most.

TEAM. It’s not about who is captain. Yes, the captains do play important roles in the sport but truly being a team goes beyond the sport and is so much more than the captain. This team and this year taught me that no matter what someone is going through, we lift them up as a team. We help them stay strong when maybe they can’t get the strength on their own. This team has shown me that the reason I love this sport is not because of the sport itself, it’s the connections I have formed and the bonds I have with the members of my team.

No, being a captain isn’t my greatest accomplishment. My biggest accomplishment, and that of which I am most proud, is learning how I can be not only a leader in a sport, but I can lead and motivate people when they need it most. Just like my team did for me during the most difficult time of my life.