Choir Concert Overview!

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Choir Concert Overview!

Me singing

Me singing "Beneath the African Sky"

Mrs. Knowlton

Me singing "Beneath the African Sky"

Mrs. Knowlton

Mrs. Knowlton

Me singing "Beneath the African Sky"

Bella Hazlett, Staff Writer

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The OLHS choirs held their fall concert on Oct. 17, 2018, in the Liberty Theatre. They did a fantastic job with a diverse array of songs.

Around 75% of the songs are in a foreign language, so you won’t be able to understand some of the lyrics. However, the songs were still enjoyable to listen to. The theme was “In the Heart of the World” (based on a song in the concert which I will talk about later). I am a part of the Women’s Chorus, so I was able to be a part of some of the songs.

Here is my review of each song:


Varsity Chorale sang the following songs:

National Anthem – Varsity Chorale did a great job. It brought back a memory of when I sang it and couldn’t find my sister in a stadium in Georgia last year. Overall I liked the song.

“San’bonani” – I didn’t know the language, and I still don’t know it now.

“Gloria” – This was a song from Venezula. It’s a good song overall.

“The Gartan Mother’s Lullaby” – This was an Irish song. Varsity Chorale did a superb job. Overall, the song was pretty good.

“In the Heart of the World” – This song was a good song as well.

“Pete Kafe” – This song is from Haiti. It’s good, but I felt the language was very confusing.


Women’s Chorus sang the following songs:

“The Water is Wide” – This is a women’s choir song. It was sad, but I had trouble making a sad face. Good thing, too. I don’t like to look sad.

*”Beneath the African Sky” – I loved this song! I loved the story behind it (a true story)! There was nothing I didn’t like about the song. However, when I tried to make a sad face, it came out looking angry. My mother pointed it out.

*”Eu e Voce” – Yes, this song was Brazilian. It was a happy and sweet song, but I bet nobody in the audience could understand what we were singing. They could have looked at the translation below the song name. It was there for them to reference to!


Men’s Choir sang the following songs:

“Viva la Compagnie” – This was a French song. Many of us couldn’t read the translation because of the lighting.

“Yo Le Canto Todo El Dia” – This was a South American-inspired song.

“Whistle Maggie, Whistle” – It was a men’s choir song. Everybody laughed at the beginning because it was super funny. I bet all the choir girls laughed a lot while the song was being sung.


Choraliers sang the following songs:

“Jai Bhavani” – This song is Indian. I was too busy watching them sing to look at the translation.

“Nuit d’etoiles” – This is another French song. Choraliers did a great job overall.

“Hotaru Koi” – I don’t know the language of this song. Choraliers did a wonderful job, even if I didn’t know the words.

“Cielito Lindo” – I don’t know the language of this song either. But, as usual, Choraliers did a great job.


All the choirs sang the following:

“Matilda” – This was the “combined choirs” song. I liked it, but I have no idea if there is a video for it. The song was fun and even the audience sang along!

Olentangy Liberty Alma Mater – This was the other “combined choirs” song. I loved singing this one because I feel a lot of pride for our fellow Patriots!


Varsity Chorale and alumni sang the following:

“Sing Me to Heaven” – Varsity Chorale did a great job singing with the alumni of this school!


Overall, the concert was great, even if I couldn’t understand some of the foreign language songs! I loved singing in front of a large audience, which I also did at my previous school. I’m looking forward to our next concert which is a Holiday concert in December.


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