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That’s probably the word that I’ve heard the most when my whole body has shut down
Going into complete panic world
Ready for pain
Ready for discord

Right now all I’m doing is trying to breathe
Gasping for oxygen to fill my lungs
As my chest is going up and down at an incredible speed

My heart trying to pump blood

My body trying to get the air it needs

You don’t feel alive when you have anxiety
Because you aren’t living
You’re surviving the few minutes to an hour of terror of who knows what

And when all you experience day to day
Is panic
Staggered breathing
And crying for so long

You forget how to really breathe

How to lay down and look up
Without a worry in the world
Knowing you’ll be there when the sun rises again

Being able to take a deep breath and slowly let it out without having to overthink it
Being able to feel safe and free

Feeling every little thing

From your toes
To your nose
All of it is there
And you know you’re here
And it’s okay

You forget that feeling
You forget the most basic thing that every human does

That most living things do


And as the panic comes again
The only thing you can hear is


Through the chaos and panic
All you can hear yourself saying


Am I safe

Is it okay?








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