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New Student Who Was Born In Ohio is Back!

Bella Hazlett, Staff Writer

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It’s always hard to move and start off at a new school. You have to make new friends and leave those you were super close with. You have to move into a new house. Moving to a new school is not easy. Been there, done that!

The longest I’ve ever spent in a state is four and a half years. Yes, I did say four and a half years!

My move back was NOT easy. I could not believe I was moving back home AGAIN. Moving is hard, yes, but it can be exciting. Believe me, packing itself was a major stressor. Another stressor was that my dad went and changed EVERYTHING! I was SUPPOSED to stay in Georgia until I graduated. But now look what happened! My dad said he was going to New Hampshire, but he’s in Idaho! Uh-oh!

The move back was not easy. It did require me to leave the two story house I’d lived in for four and a half years (which is now being renovated). I did not like leaving my school. I was NOT ready to leave Georgia AT ALL. If you’d lived in a state as long as I had, you’d feel the same. The move only took two days. The moving process went on for about three months. I did not want to tell my friends immediately due to choir stuff going on. I did NOT want to make anybody stressed out. Telling my friends about the move STRESSED ME OUT! Although telling my English class about the move made me feel relieved, another part of me felt DEVASTATED! I was NOT ready to leave my friends, my school, my house, or Georgia in general! I told my friends about the move last minute. I did feel disappointed in all the calm reactions I got. But there was one kid in particular who was REALLY upset. “I’m already starting to miss everyone,” I wrote in a journal entry a few days before the move. At least I have yearbooks so I can remember my old school. Like I said, moving to a new school is NOT easy. NOT EASY AT ALL.

At the same time, I knew moving back would remind me that there are new and exciting things to do. Leaving Georgia, the place I lived in when I was between the ages of 10.5-15, was not easy. But it was exciting, and I knew how fun and exciting being back home would be. Now I’m back in Ohio (again) and I love it. I like it here at Liberty and I can’t wait to write more stories about the school!

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Bella Hazlett, Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Bella Hazlett and I am a sophomore at Olentangy Liberty High School! I just moved back home from Georgia! You'll be able to find that...

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New Student Who Was Born In Ohio is Back!